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Why visualization and business drawing?

The facts:

  1. Your brain thinks in images, not in text or bullit points;
  2. By drawing you can capture facts and images at the same time;
  3. Drawing together increases the level of interaction;
  4. Drawing (in front of a group) saves time; you do not need any seperate meeting notes since participants can take a picture of the visual report you have created;
  5. Even a few icons add value to your flip-over, sketch note or PPT presentation.

In the video below Tom Wujec (information designer) explains from a scientific perspective how this works.

Since 2017 I integrate visualization in my work as agile professional. It struck me how valuable and effective being able to draw is. During a meeting I can instantly create one and the same visual in everyones brain, for example:

  • a product vision;
  • a visualization of the solution, or steps to take;
  • a visualization and discussion about the change we are going through (retrospective template and visual metaphore)

If you want to add the power of business drawing and visualization to your lean and agile skillset, you want to join this workshop.

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What will I learn?

At the end of the workshop you:

  1. Are able to draw basic shapes, agile and lean icons;
  2. You know the basics of digital drawing;
  3. You can create an animated PPT with your own digital icons and templates;
  4. Yuou know how to draw digital or live at meetings;
  5. Understand how to visualise and facilitate at the same time.

In essence: everything that allows you to make a difference in your next upcoming meeting.


1. Do I need any drawing skills to participate?

  • No, you don’t need to have basic drawing skills in order to participate.
  • During the intake we will discuss the level of visual experience of the participants

2. Can I tailor the program to the needs of our organization?

  • Yes, you can.
  • How to make impact by visualization is unique to an organization. We will therefore first discuss the visual DNA of your organization.
  • Depending on the learning goal we can focus on a selection of the topics.
  • If you want to focus only on lean (or only agile), you can.

3. What is the maximum group size?

  • I believe in learning by doing. This means everyone is coached during the training. In order to achieve this there are 12 seats in the training.
  • Is your training group larger than 12 people? No problem. Together with one of my favorite co-trainers I can train larger groups.

4. Do participatns need to bring their own training material?

  • All materials for drawing on paper are included (A3 sketchbkock and pen, flip-over paper and 1 Neuland marker)
  • For digital drawing participants should bring a laptop with touch functionality, tablet or iPad with digital pen.

Request a proposal

Yes! I would love to receive an offer for an in-company training “Visual facilitation for agile and lean professionals”!