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Visual facilitation for agile & lean professionals

Are you looking for a training that offers more than just business drawing? Next to drawing you will also learn how to:

  1. Draw live in online meetings
  2. Draw digital
  3. Draw and facilitate at the same time
  4. Storytelling technique
  5. How to create your own agile and lean visual language
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Lie detection and effective business body language

If you were in a meeting where you thought: “What is actually being said here? How can I influence the outcome of thsi meeting?”, than you should apply for this training. You will learn how to effectively steer on the outcome and unveil hidden information. You will learn:

  1. To detect lies
  2. Apply influencing techniques
  3. Read body language
  4. Improve your own body language
  5. Use your voice as a strategic instrument
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How to create a sketch video by hand

Do you want to bring your team story, product vision or pitch to life? In a way that is easy and creative? Then you should apply for this training. You will learn:

  1. What storytelling is
  2. How to create a visual story
  3. How to transform a text into a visual story
  4. How to create a sketchvideo in an easy manner and by hand

You will leave the training with an actual product: we will create your first sketchvideo during the training.

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In-company training

Would you like the Agile guild or lean professionals within your organization to learn one of these skills?
Let’s get in touch to set up an in-company training.

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