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As agile (transformation) coach I bring together two worlds: Agile and Communication. I create agile and communication strategy and tactics and help organizations to implement agile ways of working.

For over the past 15 years I have worked in agile environments. I have worked on IT solutions, innovation and agile transformation programs. I have a passion for digital solutions. I have a degree in Communication science and I am a certified Agile and Lean professional.

Within the field of Agile transformation and Communication I have extensive experience and practice multiple skills:

  1. I apply knowledge of body language and interrogation techniques for team dynamics and stakeholder management
  2. I build new ways of working, combining agile and lean methodology and frameworks
  3. I create digital business drawings, icons and templates (check out
  4. I create communication strategies for transformation programs
  5. I train and coach individuals and teams in conversation techniques

I am an expert in the following four disciplines:

What about Josje as a person?

I practice many crafts and arts, like singing, playing musical instruments, drawing, dancing with hoolahoop and interior design
When I was 20 years old I left everything and everyone I knew and started a new life, outside of the Christian cult I was raised in. Because of this I understand psychological safety, discipline and group dynamics on a deep level.
Energy management is very important to me. I am a practitioner of intermited fasting and try to eat as little sugar and fast carbohydrates as I can.
I have a baby girl named Valerie and a baby boy named James and am married to Niels.

I am a certified:

  1. Scrum Master
  2. SAFe 5 aglist
  3. Lean consultan
  4. Transactional Analysis coach
  5. Body language and interrrogation expert
  6. Project manager

As agile coach or change manager I combine these disciplines, which allow for energy to flow and communication to improve.


I am always open to brainstorm about the quest and issue you have at hand.

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